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coding for kids!


been trying to get my daughter of 8 to dig into some sort of computational thinking/coding. Tried a few apps etc…..Daisy the Dinosaur (’t really cut it. Read a post by Paul Hamilton ( about “Game Press” and checked it out.

GOLD! (sorry that must indicate too much Sochi)

A quick tutorial, and we’re away with a joystick and button controlled running arcade game.

Classic comment…”sorry daddy, hang on, I just have to test a few things first…..”

maybe a minecraft killer 🙂








change is messy

“The more accustomed one becomes to dealing with the unknown, the more one understands that creative breakthroughs are always preceded by periods of cloudy thinking, confusion, exploration, trial and stress; followed by periods of excitement and growing confidence as one pursues purposeful change, or copes with unwanted change.”


Michael Fullan. Change Forces: Probing the Depths of Educational Reform. p17

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