Happy to be hosting this twitter account this week. Hope to add value to the conversations, and discover or uncover new insights.

Please check it out @EduTweetOz or http://edutweetoz.org/edutweetoz

Edutweetoz is an Australian social media movement.

Our mission:

  • to celebrate and share the real work of educators from all sectors and provide an alternative to the negative perceptions of teachers popularised in mainstream media.
  • to build a community of educators from all sectors and states of Australia. We want to bring together teachers from pre-schools to universities, from private and public sectors, as well as those who support us in fields such as educational research.
  • to facilitate dialogue and share our journeys and promote excellence.

How it works:

  • Each week a different educator will take responsiblity for tweeting. We hope that people will use the space to share their experiences, pose questions, engage in dialogue about current educational issues and help each other out.
  • Guest tweeters and other educators will be showcased on this blog to share their passion for education with the wider community.

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