New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Foundations

Having facilitated our 4th and 5th days of work in Tasmania, I really began to sense a consolidation of our shared understandings. These workshops devoted time to hearing each others’ stories, and further contextualising the heavy content base we have previously worked through. My model of the core New Pedagogies is becoming more simple with time!npdlmodel

The synergy between elements is also becoming more evident. The deep learning progressions are in a way the measure to see if all our other interventions around building capacity are working. If we have invested in developing understanding of the core aspects of NPDL – teachers as activators, new learning partnerships, student agency, fusing new and existing pedagogy and learning conditions – we would expect to see growth in student capabilities, as measured on the Deep Learning Competency Framework, over time.

There is a strong synergy between all of the tools; one that allows us to unpack and analyse components and their effect on learning, but also to bring them all together as a cohesive approach to teaching for deep learning.

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