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Leapfrogging Good

One of the most frustrating and limiting factors teachers, schools and systems can encounter is legacy thinking that isolates aspirations, resources, teachers and students.

Legacy thinking that frames these aspirations, resources, teachers and students as “Mine or Yours”.

Legacy thinking that reinforces silos and perpetuates the myth that he who dies with the most toys wins….

Why wouldn’t we, as Will Richardson advocates in 19 Bold Ideas for Change in Education, Share Everything.


Imagine the power of a collective, a community that begins its life by leapfrogging good, and starts at great. A collective in which practice is amplified and accelerated by the need to be excellent, just to get to the starting line.

In a post creative commons era, “Mine and Yours” legacy thinking not only loses relevance, but shackles us to prevailing practices.

In pursuit of excellence, would you consider giving away your best ideas?




Acknowledging, with respect, the thought leadership of the late Greg Butler.

November 2013, NPDL Hong Kong “Legacy thinking will hold us back”