Passionate about Family, Tinkering in the Shed and Changing the way we Lead and Learn with and from this and future generations…..

Every child can be stellar; deserves Hope, the Capacity to succeed, a Purpose and sense of Place.

Through my work with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and The Learner First, my core business is helping teachers and school leaders become better at what they do.

I work from an appreciative, explicit and highly intentional foundation and lead organizations and individuals to grow current to best to next practice.

A number of post graduate certifications, including a Master of Educational Leadership, several accreditations in coaching and brokering approaches, and a broad and varied skillset built on experience both within and from outside the education sector help me form and maintain positive and powerful relationships with those I serve.

Besides being passionate about family life and tinkering in the shed, I am highly committed to exploring how effective education systems lead, educate and learn with, from and for future generations, engaging technology as an amplifier, accelerator and connector within and across of all these dimensions.

New Pedagogies, Technology and a perfect storm…

Leading and Teaching with Technology


created by Principals Australia to foster professional dialogue and learning with, from and for each other.

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