bio and background

Max Drummy

My most current profile can be found on LinkedIn:

Over 20 years in education,  I have led technology initiatives, school and district resourcing, and supported teachers, curriculum development and professional learning in schools and regions in Victoria, Southern China and for the last ten years, in Tasmania. In 2011 I shifted context from one of school leadership to taking a role as a Leader of Professional Learning for the Professional Learning Institute, Tasmania.

Through 2012, I developed much of the core workshop program material for the current Australian 21st Century Learning Design [21CLD] program. I co-led the Australian Cluster engaged in work led by Michael Fullan in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Global Partnership from late 2013 through to January 2016.

In February 2016 I left the Department to begin full time work as a Regional Capacity Building Facilitator with NPDL. In this role I will relocate to Seattle in Late 2016.

I have a number of post graduate certifications including a Master of Educational Leadership, several accreditations in coaching and brokering approaches, and a broad and varied skillset built on experience both within and from outside the education sector.

Besides being passionate about family life and tinkering in the shed, I am highly committed to exploring how effective education systems lead, educate and learn with, from and for future generations, engaging technology as an amplifier, accelerator and connector within and across of all these dimensions.